2010 USATH Town Hall and follow-up interview with Athlete’s Rep, David Thompson

Last Saturday, I recorded the Town Hall meeting held during the USA Team Handball National Championships. USATH GM Steve Pastorino and Board Chairman Dieter Esch spoke for about 25 minutes to around 50 members in attendance. A few details concerning U.S. National Team planning were revealed/confirmed. Resources are focused on 2016 Olympic qualification, but U.S. players will be allowed to self-finance an attempt for 2012 qualification. The first step in that process will be qualification matches vs. Canada later this year. It was also announced that there are preliminary plans for a USA match prior to the 17 July, Poland-Germany match in Chicago.

After the meeting I sat down for a short interview with David Thompson, the Men’s Athlete’s Advisory Council (AAC) Representative. As the AAC rep David also sits on the Board of Directors. During the interview David expresses his “total disagreement” with the Board decision to not provide financial support for 2012 Olympic qualification.

USA Federation Town Hall Meeting (21:07): http://teamhandballnews.com/request69.html (Left click to play/right click to download)
Interview with David Thompson: (22:57): http://teamhandballnews.com/request70.html (Left click to play/right click to download)