Live Handball… On TV… In the USA!

Well, I’m eagerly awaiting my departure out of Vegas for Chicago this evening. This Saturday’s matches should be a real treat for American Handball fans and should be the the biggest Handball event in the U.S. ever outside of the 1984 and 1996 Olympics. The Germany and Poland rosters have most of their top players listed and while it’s a friendly match the unique atmosphere and the rivalry between these two teams should provide a memorable contest. Also of interest will be the warm up match between Team USA and the Los Angeles Team Handball Club. For many of these players this will be their very first opportunity to play in front of a large crowd and a live TV audience.

Come again? [i]A live TV broadcast of Handball in the United States?[/i] Really? OK. Say it with me. [u]A live TV broadcast of Handball in the United States.[/u] Soak in the reality. Say it with me one more time. [b]A live TV broadcast of Handball in the United States! [/b]

OK, it’s on a regional network, but this is still a very significant first for this country. And with the availability of Direct TV and Dish Network what’s on one regional network actually is available to millions all across the country. If you have either of those two satellite options the channels for watching live are 642 for Direct TV and 424 for the Dish Network. Tape delay options will be also be available on other channels in the days and weeks to come.

Game Times
USA vs. Los Angeles, 12:00 PM (East Coast Time)
Germany vs. Poland, 2:00 PM (East Coast Time)

USA Team Handball: TV Air times:

One final note: Along with Kenn Tomasch I will be providing the TV commentary for the USA vs. Los Angeles match. Christer Ahl, will be in Chicago as well. If you’re in Chicago, don’t hesitate to chat us up about Handball and the website.