EURO 2010 — that terrible and dangerous Norwegian food!

In my posting below from earlier today, I hinted at the possibility that the Swedish team might try to surprise the Norvegians; and I mentioned the rumors about stomach problems on the Norwegian side.

Well appararently it was more than rumors, as three Norwegian players were unable to participate today. So this is now a 'popular' explanation, when the Norwegians (including the King, who was present) try to understand how it could happen that the Swedish women left the Norwegians without a chance. The half-time score was 14-6, and the final result was 24-19 after the Swedes had an eight-goal lead at one point. This is likely to be the best, and most important, handball result for Sweden against Norway, since the union between the two countries was dissolved in 1905…

Of course, for the Swedes it is slightly amusing to hear about the stomach virus or food poisoning on the Norwegian side. Clearly that Norwegian food must be pretty bad and dangerous; probably the Swedish team escaped just by eating food brought from home or by going to McDonalds….