New Zealand Handball with some top flight new recruits

[img][/img]The world’s best national rugby team (New Zealand) recently met the world’s best national handball team (France) for a cross promotional photo op in Paris. I’m guessing Ritchie McCaw or Dan Carter became the first ever New Zealander to score on Thierry Omeyer.

For Americans wanting a little context, this meet and greet would be roughly the equivalent of the U.S. National Basketball team or the Super Bowl Champions hanging out with French National Team. Oh, to have that kind of publicity opportunity. I’m guessing the folks in Salt Lake can only contemplate such an occurrence at this point in time.

As a side point, it’s interesting to note that France is the only country in the world where there are significant fan segments for both rugby and team handball. Many countries play both, but nowhere else are they anywhere near par in terms of interest. The 2nd place country for these loose criterions is probably Argentina.

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