Sleeveless or not: the ‘cool and dry’ compromise solution

NO, not quite this look...

A few weeks ago, I commented on the ‘dispute’ between the EHF and AG Copenhagen, regarding the team’s strong desire to play its matches in the upcoming Champions League season in special, sleeveless shirts.   EHF requires all the participating teams to wear a standardized advertising, precisely in the spot that does not exist on a sleeveless shirt.  I commented that the global playing rules do not prescribe that player shirts must have sleeves, but that the EHF of course is entitled to have its specific requirements as a condition for participation.  So I noted that “unless some kind of compromise solution can be found, it seems that AG has no choice”.

 Lo and behold, a simple compromise has now been reached between the EHF and AG.  A statement along the following lines can today be found on the EHF web page:   The EHF Head of Competitions, Markus Glaser, informed that ‘following positive and constructive discussions, the new shirt design retains the unique look of the AG vest, with the addition of an attached white undershirt with the sleeves showing the competition’s official logo.’

Soren Colding, CEO of AG was reported as expressing great satisfaction with the solution, which will also be ‘keeping the players cool and dry when they play’.   I can only add that it is indeed nice when cooler heads prevail and that the EHF and its clubs can keep their powder dry for more important battles… Let us now just see what fantastic results these shirts will help AG achieve in the Champions League.  Perhaps it means they will have something special ‘up their sleeves’!