VIDEO: PANAM Games day 1 match highlights

Mexico celebrates after a key 18-17 victory over Chile

The platform has two minute highlight videos of all of yesterday’s matches.  Here’s the direct links for Saturday’s games

Group A
Brazil – USA 50-10,,338686.html
Dominican Republic – Uruguay 24-24,,338747.html

Group B
Argentina – Puerto Rico 35-26,,338713.html
Mexico – Chile 18-17,,338757.html

Mexico scored a penalty shot with 15 seconds to secure the victory over Chile.  This result might very well put Mexico through to the semifinals, although Puerto Rico might have something to say about that.  The Dominican Republic – Uruguay draw assures that every second of their upcoming matches against the USA will be hard fought.  The USA, of course, can still qualify for the semifinals by beating those opponents, but should they slip up and fall behind, the key tiebreaker for a Dominican Republic-Uruguay tie in the standings will be overall goal differential.

The Men’s competition starts today (Sunday, 16 October) and team USA takes on the Dominican Republic at 6:00 PM USA Central Time