No Comment Necessary: USA TV Sports Network Programming during the EC Final

Through the Ice for Monster Pike. Really? Really!

In most European nations there is a Euronews channel that continuously updates and repeats every 30 minutes.  (It’s kind of like CNN’s Headline News, before CNN decided to change it into HLN.)  The last segment is a sometimes quirky 3 minute story devoid of voice over appropriately entitled “No Comment“.  Usually, there’s no comment, because, well because commentary would be superfluous.
In the spirit of “No Comment” I present to you the TV viewing options on all of the major nationwide Sports Channels in the U.S. this past Sunday morning at while the Men’s European Handball Championship Final was being played in Serbia.
NBC Sports Network
1100-1130 Babe Winkelman’s Outdoor Secrets “Through the Ice for Monster Pike
1130-1200 North American Fisherman “Lake of the Woods Houseboats”
1200-1230 The Bass Pros “Brush Piles, Windy Conditions, Enigma Reel”
1230-1300 Bill Dance Outdoors “It Just Ain’t So”
Universal Sports
1100-1300 Alpine Skiing: Men’s Super G World Cup from Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
CBS Sports Network
1100-1130 Inside College Basketball (Encore presentation)
1130-1200 Inside College Baskteball (Encore presentation)
1200-1400 College Basketball:  New Hampshire vs. Vermont (Live)
1000-1300 Sunday NFL Countdown
0900-1300 Australian Open Men’s Final (Tape Delayed)
1100-1300 Women’s Lacrosse: US National Team vs. Northwestern
1100-1200 Sports Center U
1200-1300 College Basketball Live