AUDIO/VIDEO: Barcelona vs. Copenhagen

Can Thor (AKA Mikkel Hansen) and Copenhagen hold off Barca?

Last weekend, Copenhagen beat Barcelona, 29-23 in the first leg.  That showdown was the EHF’s match of the week with live English language commentary from Tom O’Brannigan.  The clash of these two titans in the second leg should probably be the match of the week again, but the pluralistic EHF decided that the Berlin-Leon match should get honors this weekend.  So, if you want audio commentary for this match you’re stuck with me.

Video Links are below.  Remember to have a sheet of paper handy to lessen the chance of seeing extraneous indicators of the final outcome

Copenhagen vs. Barcelona

Leon vs. Berlin

Koper vs. Madrid

Zagreb vs.  Kiel


Audio  Mp3 files are below.  You need to synch up the audio with the ehfTV video.  The first half audio starts at 5:20 on the EHF clock.  The second half starts at 48:00.