2012 Men’s Pan American Championship (Update after Day 4): USA collapse in 2nd half ends World Championship dreams

USA on attack vs Greenland

Team USA lost last night to Greenland, 36-27, in what first glance might appear to be a relatively uncompetitive match.  Final scores can be deceiving, however, and this is certainly the case with this contest.  Going into the match the USA needed a victory in order to set up a showdown match for 2nd place in Group A vs. Chile this evening. And for about 38 minutes that looked like a distinct possibility.

At the break the USA and Greenland were knotted up at 15-15 and the USA started on a roll in the 2nd half and built up a 21-18 lead.  Following a Greenland timeout, though, the wheels totally fell off the wagon as multiple USA turnovers led to a wave of fast breaks and a 10-1 run for Greenland.  What had been a 21-18 lead was now a 22-28 deficit and the USA never really threatened from then on.

Team USA’s match tonight against Chile will likely have the air of a friendly scrimmage as Chile is all but mathematically locked into 2nd place and will probably rest some of their players ahead of a semifinal match against Brazil on Saturday.  Barring an unlikely Greenland loss to Venezuela the USA will play for 7th place against Mexico in a consolation pool on Sunday.

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