2012 Men’s Pan American Championships (Day 1): Argentina dominates USA; Chile holds off Greenland

Greenland on defense vs. Chile

Argentina – USA

Host Argentina lived up to their mantle as pre-tournament favorite with a dominating 33-13 victory over Team USA.  The outcome was never in doubt as Argentina limited the U.S. to only 4 goals in the first half for an 18-4 lead at the break.  The U.S. can get some consolation in that the 2nd half was a more competitive 15-9 defeat and that they still control their own destiny for a ticket to the semifinals.  Team USA will need to shore up their defense and find more scoring, however, if they are to beat either Greenland or Chile.

Team USA Scoring: Gary Hine (3), Devine Jackson (3), Adam El Zoghby (2), Vladimir Adjelic (2), Rickey Royal (2), Martin Axelsson (1)

Chile – Greenland

In a key Group A showdown between 2 teams that have qualified recently for the World Championships, Greenland (2007) and Chile (2011), Chile pulled away from Greenland late in the 2nd half for a 31-28 victory.  Assuming that Argentina wins out, this victory puts Chile in the driver’s seat for 2nd place in Group A.


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