AUDIO: U.S. Team Handball Foundation (USTHF): 28 years of supporting Team Handball in the U.S.

Handball at the 1984 Olympics: Still paying dividends 28 years later

At the USA Team Handball (USATH) Strategy Conference in April I took the opportunity to conduct a short interview with U.S. Team Handball Foundation (USTHF) President, Rick Hurst.  The interview (see below) provides some background on the USTHF and its role in supporting Team Handball in the United States.  The USTHF was established after the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles and its mission is to encourage, improve and promote amateur team handball in the United States.  It is a separate organization from the USATH and its current Board Members are Rick Hurst (President), Rod Oshita (Vice-President), Tom Fitzgerald, Mark Noble and Kathy Dean.

For more information on how to send a donation or apply for a grant contact Rick Hurst at