AUDIO: Conversation with NPR reporter Stefan Fatsis

Uber Fan Stefan Fatisis (#17) acquired this Team Handball jersey from Club VfB Fallersleben last year while visiting Germany

Stefan Fatsis is without a doubt the biggest mainstream sports reporter/proponent of Team Handball in the United States.  A regular guest on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered, if there’s a possibility to work in a tidbit of news about the sport Stefan finds a way.

With the Olympics coming up Stefan was curious as to the state of the sport in the USA and what do expect in terms of the upcoming Olympic competition. Our conversation covers these topics and more and lasts about 38 minutes.

Stefan Fatsis Website:

Hang Up and Listen Podcast: (Stefan is one of the hosts on this weekly sports podcast)

Wall St Journal (25 Aug 2004): A Game We Ought to Play:

New York Times (9 May 2009): Team Handball Has It All, Except an American Interest:

THN (26 Dec 2011) Analysis of the Hang Up And Listen crossover athlete Team Handball All Star Teams:
(Includes link to the podcast that discusses the teams)