Zut Alors!: A Team Handball reference on Saturday Night Live?

“Us French brothers, throw a handball like this.”

Famous French Def Comedy Jam performer, Jean K. Jean, made an appearance on Saturday Night Live a couple of weekends ago and did a riff on French and Belgian Team Handball.   Really?  Really!

The first part of the video is about the French reaction to the Lance Armstrong doping report, but around the two minute mark Jean talks about a recent France – Belgium handball match he attended.  Jean obviously knows handball as Belgium has long been a weak sister in European Handball.  The U.S. has even had had a few victories against them.

When I saw this sketch, I had to do a double, then a triple take.   “Hey,” I concluded, “Kenan Thompson really is talking about Team Handball and not the wall version.  He really knows the difference.”   Maybe the U.S. awareness quotient is holding steady at 10% if it can get a Saturday Night Live reference.   Who nows, maybe Kenan Thompson could even become for USA Team Handball what Stephen Colbert is for USA Speed Skating. Zut Alors!

Watch the video: Link