2013 World Team Handball Championships (On TV and in HD!)


A major breakthrough for Team Handball in the U.S. The beIN Sport Network is airing the World Championships Live and in High Definition.

The beIN Sport network is currently broadcasting two matches/day of the 2013 Men’s World Handball Championships.  Some of the matches are live and some are tape delayed and they all are in crystal clear High Definition.  The commentators also feature a couple of familiar voices to American handball fans.  Bogdan Pasat, who has written previously for THN is the play by play voice and former USA National Team Coach, Olympian and professional handball player, Cristian Zaharia is providing the color commentary.

About beIN Sport

The beIN Sport Network is a relatively new network and while it has a soccer focus they also broadcast other sports like rugby and Team Handball.   beIN Sport can currently be found on:

· DIRECTV channels 620 (English-language) and 426 (Spanish)
· DISH channels 408 (English) and 871 (Spanish)
· Comcast Xfinity
· Time Warner Cable
· Bright House Network
· Advanced Cable Communications
· Liberty Cablevision of Puerto Rico

Apparently, there’s been quite a few folks out there letting their cable providers know that they want their Italian and Spanish League soccer.   To find out whether you can get the channel, click here.  And if it’s not offered by your cable company, why don’t you add a Team Handball complainer to the mix.


Sometimes great news comes seemingly out of nowhere.  I’ve been watching the Champions League “match of the week” broadcast on beIN Sport for a couple of months, but had no idea that they would also broadcast the World Championships.  There’s nothing quite like checking your DVR queue and seeing that your “handball” search has automatically recorded some matches you weren’t expecting.

As someone who’s bemoaned the lack of TV broadcasts in the U.S. it’s great to be able to announce a major breakthrough like this.  The significance could be far reaching as nothing is more powerful at creating new fans and new players like watching top flight Team Handball on TV.

And believe me, as America’s self proclaimed #1 Team Handball fan there’s nothing like cracking open a beer and watching a match in High Definition from your living room couch.  The Round of 16 is almost over and the quarterfinals are coming up.  You really ought to add beIN Sport to your channel lineup if you already haven’t.

beIN Sport:  Link