Champions League Final Four: Video links and odds


The Champions League Final Four matches will be played this weekend.  On Saturday, Barcelona takes on Kielce in the first match and that’s followed by Kiel vs. Hamburg.  On Sunday, the losers play for 3rd and the winners play for the championship.  The odds makers are predicting a Barca-Kiel final.

Point spreads are in parentheses.  Game times are Central European Time.  (U.S. East Coast is 6 hours behind)

Saturday, 1 June

1515, FC Barcelona (-3)  vs. Kielce
Preview article:  Link 
On Demand Video:  Link

1800, Kiel (-2.5) vs. Hamburg
Preview article:  Link 
On Demand Video:  Link

Sunday, 2 June

1515, 3rd Place Match Live Video:  Link


1800, Championship Live Video:  Link

On Demand Video PageLink  (Be forewarned: The EHF often has photos of smiling players for the post game interview links.  If you don’t want to know the outcome have a sheet of paper handy)

Current Odds to win the Title
Kiel 1.15 to 1
Barcelona 1.4 to 1
Hamburg 9 to 1
Kielce 13 to 1