USA draws French Club Livron 27-27


Team USA played to a 27-27 draw last night against the French club, Livron.  Livron plays at the N3 level which is a level below their last opponent, Le Teil (a 28-25 victory for Team USA).

Starting Friday, Team USA is taking part in a preseason tournament composed of clubs at the N3 or Pre-National (PN) levels.  Friday they play Etoile sur Rhone (N3) at 1830 local time.  On Saturday they will play either the winner or loser of the Sorgues (PN)-St Julien Denice (N3) match.  On Sunday, they will then play a placement match for 1st, 3rd or 5th place.

Photos from Livron – USA Match:  Link

Schedule for upcoming Preseason Tournament:  Link