Handball News Summary (4 September 2013)

Handball News Summary

1) The German Bundesliga is considering revamping the format for both the National Club Cup (DHB Pokal) and the HBL.  There’s even talk of adding playoffs.  Martin Kloth, DPA, reports on an interview with HBL Managing Director, Frank Bohmann (Martin Kloth, DPA): “Playoff ideas: Club Handball modernized”:  Link
2) Handball-World’s Christian Ciemalla sums up some of the issues with the HBL adding playoffs:  “Playoffs are back on the table:  HBL provides clubs with their plans tomorrow”: Link
3) Bjoern Pazen, writing for DPA, highlights the poor attendance at the recent IHF Super Globe in Qatar “Sandwich and free admission: Qatar is vying for viewers”: Link
Editor’s Note:  The Handball News Summary is a new feature that we will be experimenting with over the next couple of weeks.  The intent of the Handball News Summary will be to highlight some of the key news developments in the Handball world.  In terms of experimenting we’re not certain yet as to how frequently we will post a news summary and how significant a news event will need to be in order to make the summary.  If you would like to have an article considered for inclusion email us at

A couple of key points
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