VIDEO/AUDIO Wisla Plock vs. Montpellier


Wisla Plock's Muhamed Toromanović taking a shot vs Montpellier.

Wisla Plock’s Muhamed Toromanović taking a shot vs Montpellier.

France’s Montpellier and Poland’s Wisla Plock battled it out over two games to see which side would earn the right to play in the Champions League this season.  Montpellier won the first match at home, 29-27 this past Thursday.  On Sunday they traveled to Poland for the second leg.  The video for the match is courtesy of ehfTV and my audio commentary is in the MP3 files below.

The first half segment has a synchronization count at 3:00 on the ehfTV clock in the lower left hand of the screen.  Start the video and pause it at 3:00. Then open the MP3 file and when I start my synchronization count unpause the video.

For the 2nd half my synchronization count starts at 48:30

Wisla Plock vs. Montpellier Video: Link