Handball News Summary (4 October 13)



1) The percentage of non-German players in the HBL is most pronounced at Center Back.  Handball Time magazine in Germany provides a detailed analysis of foreign participation in the HBL. Additionally, it’s noted that the percentage of foreign players in the HBL isn’t that different from other sports.
Handball World (German): Link

2) Barca with bargain season ticket plan. 73 Euros is all that is required to get a seat for every home Liga ASOBAL and Champions League match. For roughly the same price you can get tickets to 2 matches at Flensburg. If it wasn’t obvious before it’s totally self evident now that only a tiny fraction of Barca’s payroll is paid with handball related revenue.
Diario ASOBAL (Spanish) : Link

3) Arab Gulf nations stage first ever Women’s International Tournament.  Kuwait is hosting Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and the United Arab Emirates in a 6 day long tournament.
Arab Times: Link
Kuwait Times: Link

4) Nikola Karabatic supplements his income. The Stade Francais Rugby Calendar has a guest handballer gracing it this year. It’s the 3rd time Karabatic has posed for the promotional calendar. (French):  Link