VIDEO/AUDIO: Metalurg vs Vardar

Cross town rivals Metalurg and Vardar meet in Champions League showdown

Cross town rivals Metalurg and Vardar meet in a Champions League showdown

This past Thursday night Skopje, Macedonian clubs Vardar and Metalurg fought for city bragging rights in a key Champions League showdown.  Always a tough place to play for visitors, this time around it’s a home match for both sides.  The video for the match is courtesy of ehfTV and my audio commentary is in the MP3 files below.

The first half segment has a synchronization count at 5:00 on the ehfTV clock in the lower left hand of the screen. Start the video and pause it at 5:00. Then open the MP3 file and when I start my synchronization count unpause the video.

For the 2nd half my synchronization count starts at 50:00

Metalurg vs. Vardar Video: Link