PODCAST: Interview with Handball Commentator, Paul Bray

Paul Bray, the dean of English language handball commentators

Paul Bray, the dean of English language handball commentators

If you’ve been watching the European Handball Championships online you’ve surely heard commentator Paul Bray’s distinct voice and delivery.  You may not be aware, though, that Paul has been a handball commentator now for 25 years.  Back in 2007 at the Handball World Championship in Germany I sat down to discuss his handball background and how he got started as a handball commentator.  We also talked a bit about the then nascent development of handball online web streaming.  Six years later with every match of the European Championships coming through with pretty high quality video and English commentary Paul’s predictions have come true. (Interview is 13 minutes)

Side note:  On many occasions in the past I’ve chastised the EHF for making it very difficult for fans to access on demand matches without first learning the outcome of the matches.  Dead giveaways in the past have included pictures with smiling players being interviews and trophy hoisting celebrations.  So far, with the nondescript Youtube channel it’s been fairly easy for a fan like me who can’t watch matches live to remain oblivious to the outcome prior to watching.  (Yes, in my little world I’ve got some key final main round matches to watch yet.)  Intended or not, thanks for doing this and here’s hoping there isn’t a change in the current posting strategy.

Euro 2014 Full length matches and highlights (on demand):  Link