Make Handball Great Again?

This might actually be a better goal for the Donald.

This might actually be a better goal for the Donald.

Bill Simmons of HBO’s “Any Given Wednesday” gave a shout out on his most recent show to USA Team Handball in his “I believe” segment saying:

“I believe we need to find a billionaire to save USA handball.  Some wacko who will bribe eight NBA players and bring us handball gold.  Is it you?”

The video contains a stock handball photo a cartoon scene in shadow of someone tall getting a briefcase of money and as Simmons asks, “Is it you,” a picture of the Donald.

Simmons has been a fan of handball since the 2012 Olympic games in London when he wrote this commentary after a day at the handball arena: Link

The billionaire bailout is not a new conceptual idea to save USA Team Handball:  This commentary from 2012 touches highlights this possibilty and Dieter Esch, the millionaire, who essentially took over USA Team Handball in 2008, but got frustrated and left in 2011.

Why Weren’t the U.S. National Teams at the London Olympics?: Part 4: A lack of funding: Where are the sponsors and donors? (September 2012): Link

USA Team Handball’s Esch – Pastorino era comes to a quiet end (Nov 2011): Link