Olympic Team Handball Information Page

Welcome:  Like clockwork every four years the great sport of Team Handball finds thousands of new fans with the discovery of the sport during Olympic TV broadcasts.  Many articles are written about the sport and talk radio fills the airwaves with discussion and rhetorical questions.  As a longtime fan of the sport this quadrennial burst of interest is always welcome even if it tends to fade out all too soon.  This page is intended to help new found fans, journalists and radio talk show hosts learn more about the sport.

Media Assistance:  Are you working on a story regarding this great sport?  I am readily available to help  answer questions regarding the sport’s rules, its organization world-wide, and to offer my opinions as to why the U.S. hasn’t been very successful and what might be done to change that.  Contact: john.ryan@teamhandballnews.com

Sports Radio:  Are you fielding calls from listeners and discussing a sport you’ve only just discovered?  Contact me if you would like for me to come on air and talk about the ongoing Olympic competition or the sport in general.  Contact: john.ryan@teamhandballnews.com

FAQ:  This pages contains answers to a number of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the sport:  Link

Commentaries on Team Handball in the U.S.:  Have you started to wonder why the U.S. struggles in this sport that is so inherently American?  Perhaps you have come up with some ideas to solve this seemingly simple problem.  All well in good, but in many cases those ideas have either already been tried unsuccessfully or have some underlying issues which make their implementation challenging or simply unfeasible.  I don’t claim to have all the answers, but chances are I’ve addressed the topic and framed the issues.  These commentaries might be a good starting point for further reflection: Link

Previous U.S. Mainstream Media Articles on the Sport: Here’s a list of previous articles written about the sport: Link

John Ryan’s Bio: I learned the sport at the Air Force Academy, had a 2 year stint with the U.S. National Team and lived in France for 5 years where I had an opportunity to immerse myself in the sport. I’ve been writing and commentating about the sport since 2004.  More detailed bio: Link