Podcast (Episode 7): April 2006 Interview with Canada’s Alexis Bertrand

Team Canada's Alexis Bertrand

Team Canada’s Alexis Bertrand

Back in 2006, while I was still living in France, I interviewed Canadian handball player, Alexis Bertrand, who was then playing for OC Cesson in the 2nd Division.  Alexis and I discussed what it was like for him to play in France and we also discussed the Pan American Handball Team Handball Federation (PATHF) to not let Canada participate in that summer’s 2006 Pan American Championship.  Canada had actually secured the 3rd spot at the 2004 championship and participated in the 2005 World Championships, only to be denied an opportunity to qualify for 2007.

In the years following my interview, Alexis continued to play in France, even playing one season in the Ligue Nationale du Handball (LNH), France’s top professional league.  Following the 2015 PANAM Games, Alexis retired from international play and he is now the head coach of the Canadian Sr Men’s team.

Alexis Bertand Career in France

2003-04 AS Monaco (N2)
2004-05 Ivry (N1)
2005-06 OC Cesson (D2)
2006-07 OC Cesson (D2)
2007-08 US Saintes (D2)
2008-09 OC Cesson (D2)
2009-10 OC Cesson (LNH-D1)
2010-11 Chartres-Mainvilliers (N1)

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