Handball Inside Interview with Team USA’s Rene Ingram

A German magazine, Handball Inside, Interviewed USA Goalkeeper, Rene Ingram earlier this year prior to his participation in the Youth and Jr Pan-American Championships and the IHF Trophy Pan-American Championship.

Below is a translation of the article:

Interview:  Grosswallstadt Keeper Rene Ingram 17, talks about his selection for the U.S. National Team and the prospects of team handball in the USA.

You are playing in the Pan American Championships with the US National team. How do you have two citizenships?
RENE INGRAM: My parents worked many years in the US and acquired a green card and naturalization, so they are able to pass on the US citizenship to their children. My brothers were also born there.

How did the Americans discover you?
INGRAM: My mother was approached by the parent of a player who was already playing for Team USA . Shortly after that I got an e-mail from the coach that they watched a few videos about me. He invited me to a tournament in Sweden but due to school obligations I could not go. Now that I am a student I am more flexible.

Whats your impression about the efforts of the US handball federation to promote Handball?
INGRAM: They are very dedicated and have a lot of enthusiasm. It is constantly progressing which also shows because they installed a “residency program” at Auburn University in Alabama for the National Team. They might also install it as an Olympic training site. In schools team handball also shows a rapid increase in popularity.

What are the training conditions like in the US?
INGRAM: Very good, great arenas, excellent fitness facilities and a wholesome approach to overall health. There is a lot to be learned from Basketball, American Football and Hockey as they are much more advanced in that area but very willing to share their findings. The Americans are sport enthusiasts and there are a lot of companies that generously support sports. One thing, that I have to get used to however, is that the trips to the games are very far.

What is the proficiency level of your national teammates ?
INGRAM: Where fitness is concerned they are at a top level since most of them also play other sports on a competitive level. Concerning playing skills the members of the residency program at Auburn University who train together regularly with additional support from high class European players are also on a good track.

Did the US Handball Association select more players with dual Citizenship?
INGRAM: There are three more players from Germany and one each from France, Sweden and Norway.

Do you think that you will be able to go to a World Championship or Olympic games with Team USA?
INGRAM: Certainly, even though right now it is a very young team that is just being built up and has a lot of catching up to do in comparison to experienced Nations. Motivation and fighting spirit are perfect already. Team USA placed 11th at the Beach Handball World Championship in Hungary 2016. There is still some time left to build up an effective squad till the next Olympics. I think that the U19 and U21 both have good chances to qualify for the world championship in July and August.