NORCA Standings: 4 Nation Fight for 2 Remaining Qualification Spots

Thursday’s matches did little to clear up the qualification picture.  Cuba, as expected beat Canada and have qualified for the Pan American Championships this June in Greenland.  With a win over Mexico today they will secure 1st place in the tourney.  Less expected, though was Cuba’s margin of victory, 27-24 which suggests that Canada may be the 2nd best side at the tourney.  Canada will qualify with wins in their next 2 matches against the Dominican Republic and the U.S., but there are also some scenarios where they can qualify with 1 win or 1 win and a draw.

The other two matches Thursday were both draws.  Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic played to a 29-29 draw which keeps both teams in the qualification picture.  Albeit, for the Dominican Republic it’s an uphill battle as they would need to upset Cuba on Sunday to have a chance of qualification.  For Puerto Rico, it’s a more feasible path as wins against the U.S. and Mexico would give them 5 points and depending on tiebreakers with other sides also finishing the tourney with 5 points could see them through to the next round

The U.S. and Mexico played to a 30-30 draw in a dramatic ending which saw Mexico score 4 goals in the last 90 seconds for the come from behind draw.  Mexico will now qualify with a win against either Cuba (today) or Puerto Rico on Sunday.  For the U.S. picking up 1 point for the draw gives them some leeway in their next 2 matches.  Winning both of their remaining matches guarantees that the U.S. will qualify, but there are still a number of scenarios where they could qualify with 1 win or 1 win and a draw. (Note: Mexico could still conceivably not qualify with just 1 win, but it would require that the USA-CAN finish with 6 points each.  Meaning they would have to play to a draw of 31 goals or higher)

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Upcoming Schedule (All Times Local/Central Time USA)

Saturday April 7
2:00 p.m. United States vs. Puerto Rico
4:00 p.m. Dominican Republic vs Canada
6:00 p.m. Mexico vs. Cuba

Sunday April 8
12:00 p.m. United States vs. Canada
2:00 p.m. Dominican Republic vs Cuba
4:00 p.m. Mexico vs. Puerto Rico


Tuesday April 3
Puerto Rico 27×31 Canada
United States 30×41 Cuba
Mexico 33×28 Dominican Republic

Wednesday April 4
Cuba 36×23 Puerto Rico
Dominican Republic 26×32 United States
Canada 26×26 Mexico

Thursday April 5
Puerto Rico 29×29 Dominican Republic
Canada 24×27 Cuba
Mexico 30×30 the United States