Podcast (Episode 49): Interview with USA Women’s Coach, Christian Latullippe

Side note:  During the interview we briefly discussed Olympic Qualification slots.  For 2016 Olympic qualification, due to Brazil’s hosting of the Olympics, the Pan American Region received 2 direct qualification slots.  This meant PANAM Games runner up Argentina, directly qualified for the Olympics.  Brazil also placed 10th at the 2015 World Championships and was the highest ranking non-European nation.  This meant that Pan America was designated the “2nd best continent” after Europe and accordingly Pan America received an extra slot in the Olympic Qualification tournaments.  This meant that the 3rd place team (Uruguay) and 4th place team (Mexico) participated in the Olympic qualification tournaments.

2016 Olympic Qualification (Women’s Handball):  Link

For 2020 Olympic qualification there will be less opportunity.  The PANAM Games winner will directly qualify for Tokyo 2020 and the runner up will participate in an Olympic qualification tournament.  The 3rd place team at the PANAM Games might also participate in an Olympic qualification tournament, but that will depend on team rankings at the 2019 World Championships.  Brazil is Pan America’s best bet, but slipped to 18th in terms of performance at the 2017 World Championships behind both South Korea and Japan.