Podcast (Episode 60): Team USA’s Eric Finch

USA Goalkeeper, Eric Finch, before a friendly match in Germany.

Team USA’s Eric Finch joins the podcast.  We discuss his handball origin story, transitioning to beach handball, the residency program at Auburn, the collegiate game and how the U.S. might better train and develop athletes in the future.

Some big questions we discuss include:

  • Can a recruit brand new to handball make our current men’s team? How good of an athlete would it take? How long would it take?
  • Should the Men’s program target 18-19 year old’s or 22-23 year old’s?
  • Should the timeline focus for development be the 2024 or 2028 Olympiad?
  • Should the collegiate game focus on just one geographical area?
  • Does it make sense to have a different strategy for the Women’s National Team?

Links to some of the things mentioned in the podcast:

  • Interview with USA National Team player Ty Reed (now training with Flensburg in Germany): Link
  • The “Iceland Strategy”: Part 1; Part 2
  • Hang Up and Listen Podcast: Link (3rd segment discusses Nebraska’s rowing program and Title IX)