Podcast (Episode 61): Handball Commentator and Ireland National Team Player, Chris O’Reilly

Handball commentator, Chris O’Reilly, showing that he’s not always the “calm Irishman” behind the microphone.

Chris O’Reilly joins the podcast for a lively discussion. Topics include

  • His handball origin story
  • Ireland’s semantic challenge with “slappy wall ball” and “poverty squash”
  • Ireland’s handball scene and development challenges
  • Ireland’s unique sporting culture
  • Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and National Anthems
  • The upcoming KamaGames Tri-Nations Tournament with Ireland, Great Britain and the U.S.


  • Ireland Olympic Handball Association: Link
  • KamaGames Facebook Event Page: Link
  • Un(Informed) Handball Hour Podcast: Link
  • Chris O’Reilly on Twitter: Link