Team USA’s Asaf Bengozi in action on ehfTV

Team USA and Hapoel Ashdod left wing, Asaf Bengozi.

It’s not very often that a U.S. player gets seen on ehfTV, but earlier this week, left wing, Asaf Bengozi did indeed get some screen time with his Israeli club team. Hapoel Ashdod was in the Czech Republic to take on Talent M.A.T. Plzen in 2nd round action of the EHF Cup. Plzen won both matches 32-23 and 26-21 to adance

Match 1 Video: Link (One of his goals is scored at around 35:00 on the ehfTV clock)
Match 2 Video: Link

Bengozi scored 2 goals in the first match, but didn’t get on the score sheet in the 2nd contest.