England Handball Posts Online Treasure Trove of Handball Webinars

England Handball has dropped a treasure trove of information that will be educating handball coaches, players and fans for years to come.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic England Handball Association (EHA) has been hosting a series of online handball webinars. Open to anyone who registered they’ve addressed a variety of topics to include handball in schools, 7v6 tactics and women’s handball. Unfortunately, while we were all stuck at home for the most part the past couple of months, it’s still not always possible to view these great seminars live.

The great news, however, is that all of these webinars are now available online at their EHA YouTube Channel or in the direct links below. Over 14 hours of handball coaching instruction. What a tremendous resource for years to come.

Offense Strategies

  • 7v6 Attacking Model Based on FC Porto (Lecturer: Carlos Martingo, FC Porto Asst Coach and Portugal U18 Head Coach): Link
  • Positional Attack: Executing the Simple Stuff Well (Lecturer: Aksel Noergaard, Skanderborg Handball, Denmark): Link

Defense Strategies

  • Tactical Considerations of 6:0 Defence System (Lecturer: Paulo Pereira, Portugal Men’s National Team Coach): Link
  • Tactical Considerations of a 5:1 “Spanish Style” Defensive System (Lecturer: Danilo Gagliardi, Angola Women’s National Team Asst Coach, Youth Coach at 1o de Agosto): Link
  • Tactical Considerations of a 3:2:1 Defensive System (Lecturer: Scott Harrington, Head Coach, Sola Handball (Norway), Director, The Handball Academy): Link
  • Tactical Considerations of 4:2 Defence Systems (Lecturer: Ricardo Vasconselos, Great Britain Men’s Head Coach): Link
  • Tactical Considerations of 3:3 Defensive System (Lecturer: Bill Baillie, Women’s U17 and GB U19 Head Coach): Link


  • Goalkeeper Trends, Techniques and Practices (Lecturer: Mattias Andersson, German National Team and THW Kiel Goalkeeper Coach): Link

General Topics

  • Improving Decision Making (Lecturers: Bobby White, England Handball Head of Performance; Derek O’Riordan, Coach and Coach Developer; John Fletcher, Magic Academy, Coaching Wizard): Link
  • How and when to use Gamification within sessions (Lecturers: Russell Earnshaw, Magic Academy and Coaching Wizard; Matt Durber, England Handball Performance Coach): Link
  • Implementation of Video Analysis on Games and Training (Lecturer: Mark Hawkins, IK Vag Head Coach, Former Chinese Women’s National Team Head of Analysis): Link
  • Engaging Junior Players (Lecturers: John Pearce, U18 GB Men’s Coach; Mel Chowns, British Rowing Performance Advisor; Run Smith, FA Coach Mentor): Link
  • Overview and Analysis of Women’s Handball (Lecturer: Vera Lopes, Technical Director for Women’s Handball in Portugal): Link
  • Handball in Schools (Lecturers: Colin McGill, PE Teacher, Aylsbury Grammar School; Liz Roberts, Poole and England Handball; Stan Belinski, Trafford Handball Club): Link

IHF article on webinar series: Link