Podcast (Episode 72): Greenlander, Marxwell Masauna Frederiksen and Canadian, Jackson Howden (Part 2): NORCA Cancellation, The IHF selection of the U.S. for the WC and More

A discussion on the new North America & Caribbean Handball Confederation

In Part 1, I chatted with Marxwell Masauna Frederiksen and Jackson Howden about their handball backgrounds.  In Part 2 we discuss the cancellation of the North American & Caribbean Championship and the IHF’s decision to give the U.S. the NACHC slot for the Men’s World Championships.  We also talk about the future of the NACHC including the possibility of the roommates playing against each other, the NACHC getting more spots for the WC, the possibility of Greenland playing in the PANAM Games/Olympic Games, expansion of the Forum Club Handball (FCH) program to help other NACHC nations and the development of beach handball in Greenland and Canada.  Beach Handball in Greenland?

Podcast Interview on the Team Handball News YouTube ChannelEpisode 72 Link (Audio only, mp3 file available at the top of the page)

Commentaries on the IHF Decision

  • The U.S. Gets a 2021 WC Slot while Greenland (and others) stay home (Part 1): The Business Case: Link
  • The U.S. Gets a 2021 WC Slot while Greenland (and others) stay home (Part 2): The Competitive Case: Link

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