Heads Up American and Canadian Handball Fans: beIN Sports XTRA is your Only Option for the EHF CL Final Four

The EHF Champions League Final Four will only be on beIN Sports XTRA in the U.S. and Canada

Attention American and Canadian handball fans: If you are planning on watching the EHF Champions League Final Four this coming Monday and Tuesday (28-29 December) on ehfTV I’ve got some bad news for you:

The bane of handball fans everywhere, the dreaded geo-block, will be in force at ehftv.

The good news, however, is that the matches will be available for free on beIN Sports Xtra. beIN Sports Xtra is a free streaming service that is now available with multiple streaming channels.

How to Watch beIN Sports XTRA on Roku

To watch on your Roku, go to your home screen and look for the “Roku Channel” icon. It’s a streaming channel just like Netflix or Hulu and should be readily available. (If not, you can add it just like you would any other channel.) Click on the Roku Channel icon and then scroll down until you see “beIN Sports XTRA” icon. Click on it and the channel should start playing. It’s live so, there are commercials just like what you would see on a TV channel.

How to Watch Over The Air

The Roku channel is also available “Over the Air” on the following digital channels in these cities. Yes, many of us are used to our cable/satellite options, but in these cities you can switch your TV input to Digital and watch over the air in HD.

Another Option: VPN

I guess there’s another option. One could also use VPN to watch from another country. However, as VPN sometimes results in a less quality signal and beIN Sports XTRA is free there aren’t too many good reasons to resort to VPN. I suppose if none of the multiple methods for watching beIN Sports XTRA are available it could be an alternative. More info on VPN: Link

beIn Sports XTRA Final Four Schedule

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