Handball Web Streaming this Weekend (5-7 Mar 2021)

All matches of Spain’s Copa del Rey Championship will be available for viewing online Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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CET is 6 hours ahead of US ET. Odds courtesy of Bet MGM.

American Athletes in Action

  • Copa del Rey Tournament (Spain)
    • Drew Donlin plays circle runner and defense for Leon
    • Spain’s annual Copa Del Rey Tournament starts Friday and it’s an important tournament for Leon as it presents their best opportunity to qualify for next year’s European League. Spain has 1 Champions League slot which will likely go to Barcelona. 2nd and 3rd place in the Liga ASOBAL will then be awarded European League slots, but a string of defeats has dropped Leon to 8th place and it will be a tough climb back to 3rd place. Which is where the Copa Del Rey comes in. 2nd place (assuming a Barcelona title) will also secure a European League slot.
    • Leon (-1.5) vs Huesca (Friday, 1200 CET): Video Link (Quarterfinal)
      • Leon’s QF opponent on Friday is Huesca. The two sides met in league play with hosts Huesca winning 27-24
      • UPDATE: Leon beat Huesca 40-28
    • Leon vs Irun (-1.5) (Saturday, 1630 CET): Video Link (Semifinal) 
      • Irun beat Benidorm 28-27 and will be Leon’s Semifinal opponent. Irun is 2nd place in the Asobal league and beat Leon 33-27 in Leon on 3 February.
      • Assuming Barcelona beats Granollers in the other semifinal, this match is a one off contest for a guaranteed spot in the EHF European league.
      • UPDATE: Leon beat Irun 30-26 and thanks to Barcelona’s 32-22 victory over Granollers they have qualified for next year’s EHF European League
    • Leon vs Barcelona (-9.5) (Sunday, 1900 CET): Video Link (Final) 
      • Next up for Leon is mighty Barcelona. So far this season Barca is 21-0-0 in Asobal play and 14-0-0 in Champions League play. In fact their only loss this season was a 33-28 defeat to Kiel at the makeup 2020 Final Four and that was technically last season.
  • K&H League (Hungary)
    • Gyöngyös – Csurgói KK (Friday, 1800 CET): Video Link
      • Pal Merkovski is the #2 GK for Gyongyos
      • 7th place Gyöngyös has lost 4 in a row hosts 5th place Csurgoi
  • HBF 2 (Germany)
    • TSV Nord Harrisle vs TVB Wuppertal  (Saturday, 1730): Video Link
      • Sophie Fasold is a GK for Harrislee
      • Harrislee is in 7th place and has won 5 matches in a row. Next up is 12th place Wuppertal
  • D2F (France)
    • Le Pouzin vs As Cannes Mandelieu vs Rochechouart  (Saturday, 1845 CET): Video Link Video Link
      • Nicole Andersen plays mostly on defense for Cannes
      • 8th place Cannes got 2 points with a victory last weekend vs Rochechouart. This weekend they take on 7th place Le Pouzin in another important regulation battle.

Other Matches this Weekend

  • Copa Del Rey Tournament (Spain):  LaLigaSportsTV 
    • Benidorm vs Irun (-2.5) (Friday, 1500 CET) Video Link
    • Angel Ximinez vs Granollers (-1.5) (Friday, 1730 CET) Video Link
    • Barcelona (-11.5) vs Logrono (Friday, 2000 CET) Video Link
    • Semifinal #1 Leon vs Irun (-1.5) (Saturday, 1630 CET) Video Link
    • Semifinal #2 Barcelona (-11.5) vs Granollers (Saturday, 1900 CET) Video Link
    • Final Leon vs Barcelona (-9.5) (Sunday, 1900 CET) Video Link