Scottish Handball Association Conference Replay: Challenges of Growing Handball: A North American Perspective

In case you missed my conversation with Stephen Neilson of the Scottish Handball Association you can watch the replay view here in the embedded YouTube file or at the Conference website: Link

Here are links to some of the topics that came up in our conversation:

  • The “Iceland Strategy”: Focus a large percentage of USA Team Handball’s resources on one geographical location (Part 1Part 2)
  • Podcast discussing the Forum Club Handball’s support to select U.S. Athletes: Link
  • 2021 World Championships USA Men’s National Team roster: Link
  • Australian Bevan Calvert:
    • 2020 interview with the (Un)Informed Handball Hour: Link
    • 2011 interview with Eurosport: Link (Starts at 7:30)
      • This whole feature on the British National Team before the Olympics is quite the trip down memory lane.
  • USDK Dunkerque: The top pro club on Britain’s doorstep: Link