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The intent of this page is to provide a consolidated location for 2020 Olympic Handball information that can serve both dedicated handball fans as well as newcomers just discovering the sport.

  • Olympic Handball Competition Schedule and Results: Link
  • Team Information (Official pages, previews, rosters and handy Wikipedia pages): Link
  • USA TV and Web Streaming Information: Link
    • NBC TV Cable/Satellite Schedule: Link
  • Handball Betting Information:
    • Handball Betting Tutorial: Link
    • Where to Bet on Handball in the U.S.: Link
    • Olympic Handball Odds: Link
  • Mainstream Media Articles on Handball: Link
    • Hey, media person, just discovering handball: Think you’ve got a new idea on how the U.S. can win Olympic Handball Gold? Think again… Check out these articles dating back from 1996.
  • Handball FAQ: Link
    • Trending Questions
      • Where is handball popular in the world?: Link
      • What impact has the name confusion for Handball/Team Handball had on the sports development in the US?: Link
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