USA Handball Talk (Episode 7): The Standard is the Standard

On this week’s episode we discuss what standards USA Team Handball athletes, administrators and board members are required or perhaps, should be obliged to follow. What’s appropriate in one’s private life and what’s appropriate in an official capacity? And, is it possible to entirely separate the two in a world where one’s thoughts and actions are amplified by social media? Here’s a rundown of the show and some links to the topics we discussed.

  • Pittsburgh Steeler’s Head Coach, Mike Tomlin’s “The Standard is the Standard” philosophy: Link
  • San Antonio Spurs Head Coach, Gregg Poppovich on standing during the national anthem: Link
  • USA Team Handball’s Code of Conduct Policy: Link (Note: I think there was once a separate, more athlete specific code that had to be signed as part of team selection, but I could be wrong.)
  • Towards the end we discuss a potpourri of topics to include:
    • Discussing handball outside our handball sphere and the “shade” often thrown our way
    • Relatives never really fully understanding what handball we play
    • My discussion with CalHeat’s Martin Bilello on youth handball challenges
    • The need to define objectives and establish metrics for handball initiatives… so one can then better assess what consitutes success or failure

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