USA Handball Talk (Episode 10): Hueter Goes to Hamm

On the podcast we discuss the following topics:

  • USA National Team player Ian Hueter’s move to ASV Hamm-Westfalen next season: Link
    • Hueter Brother’s interview from 2021: Link
  • USA GK Billy Kessler interview: Link (I don’t think he ever played in the HBL)
  • A tangent on the HBL from my 1993 education:
    • “Coach, what’s the Bundesliga?” Link
    • Video of Finland’s Michael Kallman in action (watch a minute: You’ll see a 2 minute call followed by the exact same jump shot that caught me woefully unprepared): Link
  • A couple of high level players, reportedly with USA citizenship
  • Video of NYC Handball’s Togba Aboubacar in action at the Samala Cup this past December: Link
  • More discussion on U.S. competition structures
    • Upcoming Carolina Blue Cup: Instagram
    • Should handball in the USA have a shorter “season” similar to other U.S. sports? (instead of the long European season model that over time has gradually been adopted)
    • List of U.S. urban areas by population: Link (Very highly correlated with existing U.S. Handball clubs)
  • Our new and likely recurring topic assessing how good athletes from other sports would be if they played handball. First up: Serbian and Denver Nuggets basketball player, Nikola Jokic
    • JD’s brief discussion with Barstool’s PFT commenter on Jokic: Link

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