USA Handball Talk (Episode 23): DEFCON 3

JD and John discuss the Paris 2024 Olympics Promotion Working Group, the results and statisics from the Jr Womens World Championship, how the “Welcome to Wrexham” documentary style might work for the U.S. Women’s Team and the upcoming NACHC Club championships.

Here’s a summary with links to some of the items we discussed:

  • DEFCON 5 means normal conditions and DEFCON 1 means war is imminent: Link (So a lower number DEFCON is worse, not better, and this sometimes results in confusion.)
  • John and JD discussed their participation on a Paris 2024 Olympics Promotion Working Group. A link with more information on how others can volunteer will be provided when it’s available.
  • 2020 Jr Women’s World Championships Information page: Link
  • 2024 USA Jr WC Statistics: Link
  • John’s new obsession: FX’s Welcome to Wrexham: Link
  • According to Ryan Reynold’s Wikipedia page he is a dual Canadian-American citizen since 2018
  • English soccer’s pyramid… which is really more of a tower at the top: Link
  • 2024 NACHC Club Championship website: Link

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