Are there any professional clubs in the United States?

No. All teams are amateur. All players are usually expected to contribute funds to the club for gym rental and equipment. Additionally, players are usually responsible for their own travel costs to attend tournaments. Clubs affiliated with a college or school sometimes receive funding to help offset costs. Additionally, the coach might receive a small stipend.

Where are the best professional leagues?

For Men’s Handball the top 2 professional leagues are the German Handball Bundesliga (HBL) and the Spanish Liga Asobal. Based on their combined domination of the Intra-European Champions League competition few would argue with their superiority over the other European National Leagues. Additionally, with only a few notable exceptions, the top National Team players playing at the Olympics play for clubs in those two leagues. As to which of the two leagues is better there is considerable debate. In recent years head to head competition in the Champions League has been a wash. Behind these two leagues the top divisions in France, Denmark and Hungary are also competitive.For Women’s Handball, Denmark is widely regarded as having the best professional league.