USA Top 5 Poll

The latest Top 5 Poll results are in:

Key: Club; First place votes, overall record, conference record, Last poll
1. Atlanta Team Handball (2) 11-1-2 [7-0-1] -2nd
2. New York City (1) 10-0-3 [10-0-3] -3rd
3. Atlanta Metro Condors (1) 12-0-2 [6-0-2] -1st
4. Cal Heat 6-0-0 [6-0-0] -4th
5. NJ-Adelphi 10-0-2 [10-0-2] -Not Ranked

Dropped out: Garden City
Others Receiving Votes: LA Team Handball

The esteemed panel of voters consists of Andrew Washington, Christian Latulippe, Bogdan Pasat, and Karl Laundy.

The last 2 weekends saw the previous top 3 (Atlanta Metro Condors, Atlanta Team Handball, and New York City) all go down in defeat. Atlanta Team Handball’s victory over the Condors impressed the voters enough for them to move into first place, despite their upset loss to Benedict College. New York City moved up one spot to second and the Condors slipped to 3rd place. Undefeated Cal Heat moved up one notch to 4th place and NJ-Adelphi moved into the Top 5 for the first time.

Incidentally, it has been brought to our attention that NJ-Adelphi’s roster includes several players who will likely play for Garden City in other events like the Carolina Cup. For the purposes of the poll we have decided to consider each team based on the record that team has and the name that team decides to call itself. Not a perfect solution, but one that we will use for consistency sake.

This file contains the composite records of the teams that were considered.
[link= Feb_2006.xls]file[/link]
If you feel that this information is inaccurate, please let us know.