USOC decertifies USATH

Probably no surprise for all those who followed the developments over the last months: the USOC has decided to revoke USATH of its status of National Governing Body (NGB):

[blockquote]On February 11, 2006, pursuant to 36 U.S.C. § 220521(d) of the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act and Article X of the USOC Bylaws, and upon the recommendation of a Panel appointed to hear a complaint filed by the USOC Chief Executive Officer against US Team Handball Federation (USTHF), the USOC Board of Directors terminated USTHF’s membership in the USOC and revoked USTHF’s recognition as the National Governing Body for the sport of Team Handball.[/blockquote]
[file=request.php?6]Complaint finding[/file]
So we can start anew…

4 thoughts on “USOC decertifies USATH

  1. While this is unfortunate, it shouldn't be unexpected. Now the people (or person) who thought they were the boss, now know who the real boss is. When the USOC gives a national sports federation money, they expect it to be used in a legitimate way. And handing out unfunded 40k/yr contracts with 50% severence is NOT legitimate. It shows that the people who are supposed to be in charge have callous disregard for the people who love this sport and rather than take a hard stand against decertification ran away, never to be heard from again.

    We now have a major struggle on our hands. Not only to recertify the USATH, but to grow this sport as well. I only hope that our future leaders in this sport will not make the same mistakes as the previous ones have.

    Team Handball has the right to exist in this country and I'll be damned if I let this sport die. Can you say that? I hope so.

    Here's to building a bright future,
    Michael Chamberlain

  2. Well, I’ve written extensively on both the shortcomings of the President and the Board, so I’ll avoid redundancy. However, I think it’s important to again point out that the decision by elements of the Board to bring the USOC into our internal bickering was the catalyst for the resulting train wreck of funding being suspended and decertification. You can argue about whether that decision to seek USOC involvement was correct and necessary, but to imply that this simply was the President bringing this all on himself is misleading and inaccurate.

    As far as fighting against decertification, as I highlighted in my commentary, it’s pretty much impossible to argue against the points the Review Board highlights in their report. Certainly, you could ask for remediation and an opportunity to do better, but I don’t see how you can argue against the decision.

    And finally, regardless of what one thinks of Mike Hurdle’s execution of his duties as President, few people (at least anyone who has been around Handball in the US for any length of time) would ever question his commitment and desire to grow the sport and support athletes. And the same can be said, for that matter, about all the members of the Board.

  3. What is your personal beef with Mike Hurdle? All we have heard from you is maoning and groaning. Let me ask you this, What, if anything, have you done for the sport of handball?

    Have you started a team? Have you created a tournament to give other players more playing time? Have you created a plan to remedy the current situation in handball. How much time have you volunteered to handball. The answer to those questions is most likely no.

    Lastly, your comment "Team Handball has the right to exist in this country" is absurd. Handball is not a "right," it is a privilege.

  4. First, I'm not going to go back and forth with anyone. Life is just too short. But I will say AGAIN that I hold no personal grudge torwards anyone. Although their actions on the National have a lot to be desired, I'm sure they have done a GREAT job at the local level.

    As supposedly not doing anything for the sport, I would disagree. Although I don't want to brag or boast but it was my idea that brought the NETHC Tournament to Boston when they couldn't find a suitable location, which happened to be a ten minute walk from my house. As for not playing, well to put it bluntly, I'm too fat, wear glasses and I'm out of shape. Could I fix those things, sure. But to tell you the truth I would make a better coach then player. Not that I want anybody's job, but if we are to grow this sport we do need more coaches.

    Lastly, as I also have said before, all I want to be is an independent voice for people to watch and enjoy this sport. Though if I have to go inside to make my case, I'll do that too.

    As for rights vs. privleges, I'll save that for an other day.

    Have a happy handball day,
    Michael Chamberlain

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