2006 US Nationals Update

Just released. Thanks Jan!

This update includes an overall seeding for each division and the pools for each division.
The game schedule is almost complete and I will try to send in out in the next two or three days. Taken into consideration by the Competition Committee were last year’s standings, league and tournament results (when known) and relative preliminary roster strengths.

The [color=#0000cc]A[/color] , [color=#9900ff]B[/color] , [color=#006600]C[/color] , [color=#ff0000]D[/color] groupings were determined by, among other factors, seeding as well as geographic considerations.

There will be a general meeting on Friday afternoon starting right after the 12 Noon games. It will be held on the Main court in the Convention Center. There will be a representative from the USOC in attendance.

Registration will be on Thursday afternoon starting at 3 PM in Hilton America Room 346 A & B. the Coaches Meeting will be held on Thursday evening at 8.30 PM in the Hilton America in Room 344.

[b]ELITE DIVISION:[/b] Overall seeding 12 teams:

1. NYAC (Garden City), 2. Condors Elite, 3. ATH, 4. Cal Heat, 5. Carolina, 6. LATH, 7. Miami Sharks, 8. Salt Lake Warriors, 9. Chicago Inter, 10. NE Freeze, 11. Houston Firehawks, 12. Houston Stars


[color=#0000cc]A: NYAC, Salt Lake, Chicago[/color]
[color=#9900ff]B: Cal Heat, Carolina, Firehawks[/color]
[color=#006600]C: Condors, Miami, NE Freeze[/color]
[color=#ff0000]D: ATH, LATH, Stars[/color]

After the initial round robin, the teams will be rank ordered one through three in their respective groups and the remaining games are as follows:

1) A1 vs. B2
2) A2 vs. B1
3) C1 vs. D2
4) C2 vs. D1

The teams that finished third in their respective groups after the first round robin will then form one Group [A3, B3, C3, and D3] and play a second round robin and their final standings in the second round robin will decide their placement in a final game for 9th & 11th place.

All elite teams play 5 games.

[b]DIVISION 1:[/b] 8 teams – 2 pools of 4 teams each. Each team is guaranteed to play 5 games. Seedings in paranthesis.

[color=#0000cc]Group A: NCTHC (1), Air Knights (4), West Point Gold (5), Rock Handball (8)[/color]
[color=#ff0000]Group B: West Point Black (2), Atlanta Metro (3), Georgia State (6), Houston Stars Too (7)[/color]
[i]**Division 1 teams in 2 groups of 4, play as A1,A2,A3,A4,B1,B2,B3,B4 on Friday and their first game Saturday. Get reseeded based on results and play Sat evening as MDx[/i]

[b]WOMEN'S DIVISION:[/b] 9 teams – 3 pools of 3 – 6 games for 7 teams, 5 games for 2 teams (I think)

[color=#ff0000]Group A: Smurfs, West Point Black, Rock Handball[/color]
[color=#0000cc]Group B: Carolina, Firehawks, Atlanta Metro[/color]
[color=#006600]Group C: Houston Shooting Stars, Cortland, West Point Gold[/color]

Teams in 3 groups of 3, play Friday as A1,A2,A3,B1,B2,B3,C1,C2,C3, they continue Saturday reseeded as WOx. The bottom team (A3,B3,C3) in each group continues through Sunday as WOx. The other teams, top two based on Friday results, depending on Saturday results Group D (A1,B2,C2) Group E (A2,B1,C2) become WxoD & WxoE Saturday evening.
[i]**There is s a chance that there will ONLY be 8 women’s teams. If this happens teams will be regrouped into two pools of four.[/i]