In what might well be a record in terms of Team Handball futility, Sweden defeated England 67-3 this past weekend in an under 20 Men’s qualification match for the Euro 2006 Under 20 Men’s Championships. You might think that perhaps Sweden needed to run up the score just in case goal differential would come into play. This was not the case, however, as Sweden had already defeated the other two teams in its pool and simply needed to win the match to qualify. Kudos to the English Handball Federation for posting this result, rather than trying to pretend it never happened. Certainly a score like that could serve as a rallying cry as they try to further develop their program in time for the 2012 Olympics in London.

With 3 Million British Pounds recently added to their budget for the next 4 years by the British Olympic Committee they certainly can expect to improve on that score. http://www.sportfocus.com/webpro/handball/nlstory.cfm?ID=18401&NLID=42045

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  1. Looks like the USA ought to schedule Britian soon, after they spend the money they will be a lot tougher to beat. Someone should bring this to the attention of the USOC, maybe they would consider it a wake up call. Or not.

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