Turkey Women Give France a Scare

I have to admit that while I'm a big Team Handball fan, I won't watch every match that is on TV. Case and point, was the European Championship qualification matches between France and Turkey. I figured that it would simply be a blow out between one of the haves and have nots. So while I was flipping through channels, I was shocked to see Turkey beating France IN FRANCE during the first leg match. I mean it's one thing to lose to Brazil on a neutral floor, but losing to Turkey in Toulon! Anyway, France salvaged a 29-29 tie and the Turks celebrated over a quiet (with a few boos) crowd. I'm guessing the French head coach was contemplating future career plans. But the French woke up. A week later, the score I expected to see the first time came to pass as France put an end to Turkey's " don't count your chickens before their hatched" celebration with a 35-24 victory in Turkey to win on aggregate and qualify for the European Championships.

Still, all of the World's developing programs can take heart in a big underdog rising up and winning against the odds on the opponent's home turf .