EHF Sues IHF Over New World Championship Qualification Tournaments

The EHF has taken formal legal action against the IHF over the IHF’s plans to introduce new qualification tournaments for the World Championships under IHF jurisdiction and separate from existing Continental Championships The specifics of the lawsuit concerns the IHF Council’s ability to supersede IHF Congress decisions and the time associated with formal notification. In particular, the EHF notes that the 1994 IHF Congress unanimously agreed that Continents would be responsible for qualifying teams. The EHF is maintaining that the IHF Council is over-ruling what was earlier agreed to by the higher body IHF Congress and that this issue does not require action by the Council prior to the next Congress.

The EHF’s stated concerns are that the new tournament will add yet another National team event that will conflict with an already full club and national team schedule. As clubs are starting to express more and more reluctance to release players for National Team matches, the addition of a separate round of matches outside the European Championships is not supportable.

The EHF also indicates that they will try to resolve this issue with the IHF through internal legal mechanisms and that the lawsuit is only a precautionary move.
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