Champions League Week 2 (Miguel's Picks)

Here are Miguel's pick for week 2 of Champions League Group Play. Miguel is starting out with an imaginary bankroll of 1000 Euros and we will keep track of how he does throughout the season. We are still looking for another expert to participate. If you are interested please send us your four picks for the week along with your analysis and we will consider adding you to this feature.

07.10.2006 16:30 FC Barcelona (-7.5) – Hammarby (+7.5)
After a not-so-brilliant victory in Slovenia and a defeat at Valladolid last Wednesday, Barcelona will have to win to change this doubtful season beginning. Laszlo Nagy is back and Barcelona hasn't lost a home game at the Champions League in a very long time. Despite the fact that Hammarby is leading the Swedish league with authority and obtained an impressive 14 goal victory in the first champions league game, I think Barcelona will have an easy victory. [b]BET 200 Euros FC Barcelona[/b]

07.10.2006 18:00 HCM Constanta (-2.5) – GOG Svendborg TGI (+2.5)
This should be a tight game that will decide which team will go with Kiel into the next round. Betting is about taking risks sometimes, and although Constanta plays at home and Romania is never an easy trip for any team, I'd bet for Gudme this time. The Danish solid defense and fast-break could beat "Serbian-Romanian" slow handball control.
[b]BET 100 Euros GOG Gudme[/b]

07.10.2006 19:00 Montpellier HB (-8.5) – HC Portovik Yuzhny (+8.5)
Montpellier is already leading the French league and their powerful backcourt is in a very good shape (Bojinovic, Hman, Burdet, Sioud).The whole team seems to be getting better and better. The rookie Ukrainian team wasn't very impressive in the opening game and Montpellier is one of the toughest courts on which to get positive results. Should be an easy game for Montpellier.
[b]BET 100 Euros Montpellier[/b]

07.10.2006 20:00 BM. Valladolid (-10.5) – A1 Bregenz Handball (+10.5)
Valladolid must be in a cloud after being so close to defeat against Ciudad Real, beating the Ukrainians away, and their amazing victory against Barcelona last Wednesday. Unless they are too relaxed or overconfident, Bregenz has no chance; they are missing Wilczynski and Schlinger way too much from last season and were humiliated by Montpellier in the first game. The extremely fast and offensive game for Valladolid should give them a win by more than 10 goals. [b]BET 200 Euros Valladolid[/b]