2006 Asian Games Handball Competition Underway

The Asian Games, Asia’s version of the PANAM Games are underway in Doha, Qatar. Handball is one of 39 sports being staged at this major competition. Arguably, it is only behind the Olympics and the Soccer World Cup in terms of overall scale and Qatar is putting on quite a show, investing $2.8 Billion to stage the games and showcase their ability to potentially host an Olympic Games. They have already indicated that they will bid for the 2016 Games

The Handball Competition will be extensive with games running from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM practically every day from 3-14 December. 15 Men and 8 Women’s teams will be competing and you can find more information here http://www.doha-2006.com/gis/menuroot/sports/Handball.aspx and in our links section on the right hand side.
For more information on the Asian Games check out this BBC Documentary podcast: