Champions League (Round of 16- First Leg) (Our Picks)

[b]Picks from Round 6 of Group Play (Results)[/b]
Celje vs Gummersbach (+3.5) Bet 200 on Ciudad Real at 1.85 (31-29) WIN 170
Kadetten Schaufa vs. Szeged (+1.5) Bet 100 on Szeged at 1.85 (22-23) WIN 85
Medvedi (-3.5) vs. Flensburg Bet 100 on Medvedi at 1.85 (33-27) WIN 85
Montepellier (-4.5) vs. Valladolid Bet 200 on Montpellier at 1.90 (29-29) LOSE 200
Gain/Loss: +140 Euros

200 Euro Bets 5-5; -200
100 Euro Bets 6-4; +100
Current Bankroll: 900 Euros (Started with a 1000)

A 3-1 performance to finish off pool play, but we're still down a 100 Euros for the season. Hopefully some strong plays will put me and Miguel on the plus side this weekend.

[b]This Week's Picks[/b]

Odds courtesy of Nordicbet:

Saturday, 2 December (All times CET)
14:45 Chehovski Medvedi – VfL Gummersbach H(0.00 – 3.50) 1.95 1.75
16:10 Fotex KC Veszprém – KIF Kolding H(0.00 – 4.50) 1.80 1.90
18:00 Celje Pivovarna Lasko – SG Flensburg-Handewitt H(0.00 – 2.50) 1.95 1.75

Sunday, 3 December
13:00 SC Pick Szeged – BM. Valladolid H(0.00 – 1.50) 2.00 1.72
16:00 RK Gold Club Kozina – Portland San Antonio H(4.50 – 0.00) 2.00 1.72
16:20 GOG Svendborg TGI – Ciudad Real H(4.50 – 0.00) 1.90 1.80
17:00 Montpellier HB – FC Barcelona H(0.00 – 2.50) 2.05 1.68

Monday, 4 December
20:00 Chambery Savoie – THW Kiel H(4.50 – 0.00) 2.00 1.72

[b]Veszprem vs. Kolding[/b]
Kolding’s first loss of the season in the Danish league at midweek and injuries to Sebastian Seifert and Boris Schnuchel are not good signs for the Danish Champion. Add to the fact that their 5-0-1 mark in group play was primarily due to drawing the weakest group. Meanwhile Veszprem trounced fellow Hungarian Champions League entrant Pick Szeged by 12 goals in their recent clash. Logic dictates that if they can do it to Pick they can do the same to Kolding. Maybe not 12 goals, but 6 or 7 and that’s enough.
BET: 100 Euros on Veszprem (-4.5 goals at 1.80)

[b]GOG Svendborg TGI – Ciudad Real [/b]
They meet again in the Round of 16, 2 years after Ciudad Real trounced them 29-45 on their home floor. Ciudad Real has injury problems now with Rutenka, Fis and Zorman, but their bench is very deep. Recently, they didn’t have any problem defeating Altea, a similar GOG Svendborg level team, 22-29. Meanwhile GOG Svendborg has lost two games in Denmark. This will be a very easy double victory in both games for Ciudad Real.
BET: 200 Euros on Ciudad Real (-4.5 goals at 1.80)

[b]Montpellier vs. Barcelona[/b]
Barcelona had a terrible defeat at Portland San Antonio last week. Key players such as Romero, Nagy or Garcia are not playing well and their goalies Barrufet ,and especially Losert are having a terrible season so far. Montpellier hasn't lost a european competition home game since they lost to Kiel in 1999 and while they have been erratic this season they are a tough team at home. It also appears that Wissem Hmam is fully recovered from his hand injury. Although we are taking Montpellier in the first leg our expectation is that the second leg at Palau Blaugrana will yield an aggregate victory for Barcelona.
BET: 100 Euros on Montpellier (-2.5 goals at 2.05)

[b]Chambery vs. Kiel[/b]
Kiel is missing Karabatic, but they simply have way too many weapons to have much trouble with Chambery. Chambery has been erratic all year and has lost several games against weaker opposition. They will have to bring their “A” game to have any chance of keeping the score close. And I put the odds of them bringing their A game at about 10%. Bank on Kiel to turn this one into a yawner early.
BET: 200 Euros on Kiel (-4.5 goals at 1.72)