Greenland Beats Australia in Opening Match of President's Cup

The President’s Cup opened today in Halle/Westfalen, Germany with Greenland getting its first victory of the tournament against Australia by the score of 34-25. Greenland dominated the game with excellent backcourt play from Angutimmarik Kreutzmann who scored 15 goals on 23 shots and Minik Dahl Hoegh who added 9 goals on 13 shots. Darryl McCormack led Australia with 11 goals.

The atmosphere at Gerry Weber Arena was excellent with vocal contingents from both nations being supplemented by a German crowd awaiting their Main Round match vs. Slovenia

Audio: [file={e_BASE}request.php?26]Australian Coach Morten Fjeldstad on the importance of the President’s Cup[/file]

Audio: [file={e_BASE}request.php?27]Post Game interview with Coach Fjeldstad[/file]